Friday, September 11, 2009

I almost killed myself today...

For some reason or another, my mind hasn't been exactly on the right track lately. I've been known to forget my keys, sunglasses, cellphone or any other misc. stuff. Today, after lunch I started to boil water and I told myself (in my head) that I have to shut it off before I leave the house. Of course, I was distracted, talking to people, surfing the web and by the time I knew it, it was 4 o'clock so I rushed out of the house to make it to the post office before 5. I had totally forgotten about the water boiling and didn't remember until an hour after I came back when I started to smell the burnt. Luckily, the top of the boiler is made of plastic and the smell traveled all the way to my room. When I got to the kitchen, the flame had been put out and there wasn't any water left in the pot. I opened all the windows and I turned on the fan.

I don't know why but my brother fails to be on top of his shit. (sigh) what an upsetting day.

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