Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is exactly what I don't want to become, F L A K E -Y. I've created this blog with the intention to blog if not everyday then at least once a week. I've been keeping myself busy, primarily with getting rid of stuff and hoping to gain a few cents (literally) from it. I've been taking pictures, uploading them, figuring how to better navigate ebay and swapping clothes on DigNSwap. At first I was weary about DigNSwap, because it's not a guarantee that you'll get the item but most people on the site do genuinely want to exchange their stuff. Let's face it, we have more junk than we'd like to admit but too attached to just let them go and so we trade in things to replace object#158220.

I've been reading a lot of finance/budget/debt blogs and it really gets me motivated to saving and planning for the future/retirement. I have to be more strict with myself, I can't possibly live off of unemployment forever (though Obama's making it a little easier these days.) Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm very grateful in fact... I just don't like it when people rub it in my face, telling me to get a job NOW. If it was that easy, I think I would've gotten one by now, thank you very much... Anyway, I think I'm becoming more budget savvy. One current transaction that stuck to me was when I got suckered into a 2 for $5 toothpaste deal at pathmark and realize when I got home that it was buy 1 get 1 free at rite aid. (kicks self in the a**, let's keep it pg`13.) So what did I learn? Always, always make a list and always compare prices, if I don't need it right then and there, I could hold off.

I love going to supermarkets and pharmacies though, it feels like I could buy whatever I want and they have everything, and I mean everything. I'm going to devote myself to buying only what I need and buying it on sale, w/a coupon, etc.

Le boyfriend and I went on a little getaway by ourselves,... *drum rolls* we went CAMPING! It was an experience, the first time alone together on a trip. I can't say I was prepared but it wasn't too shabby. I've learned a thing or two, gotta have more patience with myself and others (esp. le boyfriend) I feel like sometimes he does spoil me, at least when he's around to spoil me :) Again, I can't complain, I'm very lucky to have him in my life and he makes me smile... *gush* heh

This is turning out to be a longer post than I expected. In other news, my little brother left for college today. His room is empty but I swear I could still smell him, I think that just goes to show how much cologne he wears. I took his mid-size fridge and guess what I found, BEER and a stack of cups, looks like he's all ready for college, haha. Gosh, I feel old. I gave him some money and a bag of chips. I'm debating whether or not to send him a package 'cause ya'kno, been there done that... easy to get homesick.

Edit: Credit where credit is due, le bf took the pic of me in stiff as a board. hah (hi honey!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stiff as a board Outfit Post #1 8/22

This is my first outfit post!

Belt (Thrift)
Papaya Beige Top
H&M Purple Tank Dress
Nine West Beige Heels (Marshall's)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


today is a mile-stone, i've paid off the rest of my student loan. this was actually what i planned to do after graduation but didn't think it would really happen. the boy advised me to pay it off instead of letting that money sit in the savings account (savings, 1.5%, loans, 5%) I guess the math is pretty simple and it seems like the right thing to do but like most people, I love to drag my feet. It feels amazing though, now I just have to worry about securing a job which hopefully will be more rewarding than the last.

how did it happen faster than i expected? getting laid off and receiving a lumpsum of cash definitely helped. To be honest, i never had that much money before and it felt good to relish in it for a little bit. Anyways, I've also decided to keep track of my spending. I went to the 99cents store and ended up with:

- Condiments (3) I'm a sucker for home goods
- Water pitcher I'm sick of using glass jars... and the smell of spaghetti sauce
- Sticker hooks (2x3) Will definitely come in handy with the belts and scarves

$12 home goods
$2.50 green apple green tea :)

It was way too hot, I was sweating everywhere.

P.S. dirty ol' men disgusts me

Monday, August 3, 2009

1-2-3,.. go!

I've been meaning to start a blog for sometime now but I was just too damn lazy. Welp, here it is! I told myself I'll start taking more pictures (fashion, food, people, architecture..) and writing more (personal, political...) I was touched the other day when the boy said something along the lines of, "wouldn't that be cool, i'll take pictures of you wearing stylish clothes." Okay, it probably doesn't sound that "gush" worthy but if you knew him in person, you would be a little taken back by his comment. Moving on,.. I can't believe this is my first post and I've already mentioned the boy! I wonder if I should let him know that I really started this, his suggestion for a blog name was "iluvskewers." It's more like i Love Tofu Skewers.

Random: things that make me smile:

-the boy (i know, so cliche but wtheck this is my blog! haha)
-Romantic Comedies aka romcoms
-painted nails
-fat babies drooling

gotta have balance right? the negative :(
-hangnails, i loathe them.
-wet feet/socks,ugh
-smelly fridges
-people who are habitually late
-cold soup