Monday, September 14, 2009

August/September Spending Recap

Today's a breakthrough, I went through my cc statement and categorized everything that I used my card on. Here's the breakdown, it's kinda scary...


Alloy Winter Coat $50.99 (on clearance from 99.99, i couldn't resist and i wanted a light colored outerwear)
-Victoria Secret Underwear 7 for $25, i couldn't help using the free 2 panties w/$17 purchase :(
-Alicia + Olivia Biker Boots and Christian Siriano's Snakeskin bootie 74.98 (BOGO)
-Maidenform Outlet Bra 10.41
-2B Bebe Outlet white tank dress and grey jersey miniskirt $17.49 (both 70% off!!!)

Damage= $178.87 (This is not good, not good at all. I'm going to have to learn how to fight off the temptation of coupons/sales/clearances! Ugh, and I just got a buy one get one 50% off @ H&M =T)

Food (mostly fast food) = $60.29

Transportation = 37.75 (metrocards are expensive :(

Misc. Nike Run Registration Fee = $20.00

USPS = $26.84 i signed up for this online clothing swap site, I haven't used this site that much because it has a very small network. I've received a few things that I liked but i'm not sure if the shipping fees are worth it sometimes. I also sell random items on ebay.

I really shouldn't be spending the way I am since I am afterall, unemployed. (sigh)

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  1. I noticed you said 'I couldn't help it' and 'I couldn't resist'....I wonder if that language helps you rationalize the over spending?

    You can resist, and you can help yourself! Keep on this path and you'll find your way.