Tuesday, August 4, 2009


today is a mile-stone, i've paid off the rest of my student loan. this was actually what i planned to do after graduation but didn't think it would really happen. the boy advised me to pay it off instead of letting that money sit in the savings account (savings, 1.5%, loans, 5%) I guess the math is pretty simple and it seems like the right thing to do but like most people, I love to drag my feet. It feels amazing though, now I just have to worry about securing a job which hopefully will be more rewarding than the last.

how did it happen faster than i expected? getting laid off and receiving a lumpsum of cash definitely helped. To be honest, i never had that much money before and it felt good to relish in it for a little bit. Anyways, I've also decided to keep track of my spending. I went to the 99cents store and ended up with:

- Condiments (3) I'm a sucker for home goods
- Water pitcher I'm sick of using glass jars... and the smell of spaghetti sauce
- Sticker hooks (2x3) Will definitely come in handy with the belts and scarves

$12 home goods
$2.50 green apple green tea :)

It was way too hot, I was sweating everywhere.

P.S. dirty ol' men disgusts me

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