Monday, August 3, 2009

1-2-3,.. go!

I've been meaning to start a blog for sometime now but I was just too damn lazy. Welp, here it is! I told myself I'll start taking more pictures (fashion, food, people, architecture..) and writing more (personal, political...) I was touched the other day when the boy said something along the lines of, "wouldn't that be cool, i'll take pictures of you wearing stylish clothes." Okay, it probably doesn't sound that "gush" worthy but if you knew him in person, you would be a little taken back by his comment. Moving on,.. I can't believe this is my first post and I've already mentioned the boy! I wonder if I should let him know that I really started this, his suggestion for a blog name was "iluvskewers." It's more like i Love Tofu Skewers.

Random: things that make me smile:

-the boy (i know, so cliche but wtheck this is my blog! haha)
-Romantic Comedies aka romcoms
-painted nails
-fat babies drooling

gotta have balance right? the negative :(
-hangnails, i loathe them.
-wet feet/socks,ugh
-smelly fridges
-people who are habitually late
-cold soup

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