Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

I just realize I haven't updated this blog in ages. I've got a couple of resolutions for the new year and hope that I could stick with all of them but that's just wishful thinking.

- Shopping ban for clothes. (I really don't need anything new, the last thing I bought was a black one shoulder dress for a NYE party. There are still some items in my closet with tags on them. I realize I shop when I'm bored, when I'm moody, etc. so I will hope to channel that energy elsewhere, i.e. cleaning)

- Go to the gym 2x a week, at least! What's the point of having a membership if I'm not even going? Silly.

- Try not to use anymore plastic bags.

- Drink more water.

- Take fish oil supplements.

- Eat less meat.

- Clean my room at least once a week.

- Stay organized.

- Don't buy things just 'cause it's on sale.

- and last but definitely not least, GET A JOB.

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